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Project Description
Abstraction over data providers ( MS SQL, Oracle, OleDB, XML, etc... ) with SQL-like syntax for manipulating with data. SQL-like expressions are checked with c# compiler, so developers can not use invalid SQL command ( with typo for example ). Data structures are presented as .net classes, so all data entities ( tables ) and their attributes ( columns ) are available for developers with standard ( full ) intellisense support.

Complete ( stable ) steps:
  • object model for data structure definition
  • object model for data query expression ( columns selection expressions, filtering data expressions, grouping expressions, sorting expressions )
  • SQL-like API for queries ( selection )
  • SQL-like queries checked with c# compiler for correctness of expression ( can not select column from another table, can not filter column with wrong-typed value )

Complete ( in testing ) steps:
  • code generator for data structures ( c# )
  • command line tool for automation code generation of data structures from DB & XML ( MsSql & OleDb providers )
  • provider for queries on ADO.NET DataTable
  • provider for select/insert/delete/update queries via OleDb
  • SQL-like API for update queries

Future steps:
  • providers for executing query expressions ( MsSql, OleDb )
  • object model for data update/insert/delete expressions
  • providers for executing update/insert/delete expressions ( MsSql, OleDb )
  • object model for executing stored procedures
  • providers for executing stored procedures ( MsSql, OleDb )
  • upgrade query object model & providers for complex queries ( supporting joins, etc... )
  • providers for select/insert/update/delete expressions on ADO.NET objects ( DataSet, DataTable, DataView )
  • providers for select/insert/update/delete expressions on System.Xml objects ( XmlDocument )
  • providers for select/insert/update/delete expressions on managed objects ( any .net objects which can be reflected with System.Reflection )


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