Q: What is MetaDb project?
A: MetaDb project is set of assemblies & command line tools, which makes developer's work more efficient and more easy in scenarios accessing data.

Q: How MetaDb project fulfils their target?
A: Using classes from MetaDb assemblies enable developer to create data commands ( select/insert/update/delete & stored procedure execution ) with special object model, which makes SQL-like syntax in native C# code. This SQL-like C# code is checked with standard C# compiler for correct form ( SQL-like syntax ) and correct expressions ( can not filter integer column with text value, etc ).

Q: Which data sources are supported?
A: Model for executing data commands are designed universaly. There is no limitation for data sources. Currently are planed followed providers: OleDb provider, MsSql provider, ODBC provider, ADO.NET provider ( provider for System.Data.DataSet, DataTable & DataView ), Managed objects provider ( provider for "any" managed objects ).

Anybody else can create own provider. That's very simple.

Q: Is supporeted intellisense for writing data commands?
A: There are full support of intellisense, because there are not used any uncommon techniques.

Q: Which IDE are required for using MetaDb?
A: MetaDb are developed for Visual Studio 2005 & C# 2.0. But only C# 2.0 compiler is required for using MetaDb.

Q: Can I use some Add-ins in Visual Studio 2005 for more luxury development?
A: Custom Tool ( code generator ) for autogenerating classes with data structures should be published soon.

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